About AlesiaMakes

When your apartment is filled up with things of your handmade you just need to understand that the work of a lawyer in the office is too boring for you :)

That's why a couple of years ago I took an impulsive decision and my life really changed. I decided to leave work in the office and devote myself to creative work. I was very scared to make such a decision, but I thought that I would regret if I did not try for myself something new.

I finally wanted to listen to my inner voice and do what I love from childhood. Creating something with my own hands is exactly an occupation for me.

Quite by accident I discovered such material as polymer clay. It was something completely new for me. It really is true - work with polymer clay from the first day made a very strong impression on me. I started making clay brooches for kids and I was happy in my work. Gradually there were other ornaments. Most of them I certainly did for myself. I'm madly in love light comfortable clothes oversize style, my old worn jeans, free T-shirt and pink sneakers :) And I always wanted the jewelry to be an expression of my inner world, my freedom, the individuality. This principle I use in my work and now.

Today AlesiaMakes is a creative space where I working in different styles such as modern minimalist, scandinavian simplicity and ethnic motifs. In my store you can find different jewelry. I like that they are executed in different styles because for me there is no clear framework and boundaries, I am guided only by my feelings and emotions. My main inspiration has always been the nature - a place where you can take unlimited inspiration and strength.

Each time, step by step I embody a small idea into a reality, I create something more than just jewelry. It is a image. It's the thing with the soul and the content, which can be a wonderful gift for you or the people you love. It is very valuable to me and It's great when jewelry can be chosen not only for any clothes but according to your personality, to suit your mood and create a holistic cattractive image.