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Lanyard, ID holder, Teacher lanyard (1513)

Lanyard, ID holder, Teacher lanyard (1513)

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About lanyard

Comfortable and funny lanyard with id holder to make working or study day brighter and more beautiful. When your hands are busy, the lanyard works perfectly with the organization of keys, name tags, pens and other things. You have lots of options with this clay lanyard and you can customize it just how you want it.

All my lanyards are handmade unique items which made of polymer clay and have a variety of colorful hand-formed polymer clay beads. Lanyard consists of handmade beads threaded on the polyester cord, keyring, a swivel head lobster hook.

This lanyard goes on the black/white dots cord 35 inches long. TOTAL LANYARD LENGTH consists of the cord loop and beads. The lobster hook/keyring adds approximately an additional 1.2-2.0 inches to the lanyard.

Lanyard details:
- lobster clasp length ~ 3.5 cm/ ~ 1.2"
- keyring length ~ 5 cm/ ~ 2"
- cord width ~ 4 mm/ ~ 0,15"
- bead size ~ 2 cm/ ~ 0.8"
- gold tone tubes
- gold tone lobster clasp


I recommend you to use the accessories carefully as I`m not responsible for the maintenance of your pieces. In work, I use high quality materials that are carefully checked for integrity and strength before the shipment. But they may not withstand hard labor! Because some details are quite delicate please treat your pieces with love and care.

In case of contamination, wipe with a soft damp cloth or a soft wet napkin. In case of severe pollution - with the addition very very little drop of liquid detergent or shampoo.After washing, it is enough to get wet with a towel or a napkin.

Please also note that color may vary from monitor to monitor!

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